HOUSE S, 2002

It was not permitted to give “Haus S” a flat roof. The town planners of Ludwigsburg had laid down a compulsory requirement for gabled roofs with a fifty-degree pitch in this residential zone. In a two-year long fight with the authorities, the architects developed a defiant solution that both complies with the legal requirements and satisfies the client's desire for a modern statement.
This roof does not want to be a roof. It is not a hat on a body: it is part of that body. The “fusion” of roof and façade gives the house a fortified and hermetic appearance. Its interior, in contrast, is flooded with light, with an impression of great openness. Large areas of glazing characterize the appearance of the building, which is set into a slope. The uniform treatment of floors and ceilings creates a feeling of a continuous, homogenous flow of space.

"An urban monolith, which tries to twist urban space and living space - that polarises of course..."

Client: Willibald Slavicek
Utilizable Space: 360 sqm
Building costs: 600.000 €